Video Telematics

Fleet security, theft prevention, enhanced driver safety, accident prevention, evidence claims, and driver training.

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Fleet Security and Theft Prevention

Video telematics acts as a deterrent to vehicle theft and vandalism. In the event of unauthorized access or suspicious activities, video footage can provide valuable evidence for identification, recovery, and prevention of theft incidents, enhancing fleet security.


Enhanced Driver Safety

Real-time video monitoring and analysis. This allows fleet managers to identify and address risky driving behaviors promptly, leading to a safer driving culture and a reduced risk of accidents.

Accident Prevention

Capture critical footage before, during, and after accidents or near-miss incidents. This valuable data helps fleet managers understand the root causes of accidents, identify risky driving patterns, and implement targeted training programs to prevent future incidents.

Evidence in claims management

In the event of accidents or insurance claims, video telematics provides concrete evidence with recorded footage. This evidence can help expedite the claims process, validate driver accounts, and potentially reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating the fleet's commitment to safety.

Driver coaching and training

By reviewing recorded footage together with drivers, managers can offer constructive feedback, identify areas for improvement, and implement personalized training programs to enhance driving skills and promote safer behaviors.

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What Our Clients Say

"We’re able to look at usage from multiple angles and predict optimal timing for vehicle maintenance, planned maintenance prevents unexpectedly pulling a squad car out of service—and potentially impacting public safety"

Aaron Russell
City of Burleson

“Having equipment at the job when promised; inspecting and fueling before delivery; making business choices that positively impact everyone involved; and asking the questions that help us do right by each of our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Track Star helps us make good on our promises.”

Ed Radel
Leppo Rents

“Track Star's solution opens opportunities for NAIPTA. We have a valuable tool to help us make smarter decisions about today’s operations, and plan for the future.”

Wade Forrest

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