Smart Antenna

The Track Star Smart Antenna product is intended to provide a very low cost means by which Automatic Vehicle Location capability can be easily added to fleets that already make use of in-vehicle computers with wireless connectivity capabilities.

Using a USB GPS receiver / antenna and a special computer program installed on the in-vehicle computer, the Track Star Smart Antenna product provides a full featured GPS based vehicle tracking and location capability at a small fraction of the cost associated with installing discrete GPS devices.  The Smart Antenna product takes advantage of the existing wireless connectivity and provides GPS position updates at user defined intervals.

The standard version of the product is delivered with an antenna as shown in the photo on the right.  Other antenna options are available to meet specific project needs.  The product is also comprised of the Track Star GPS Forwarder application that installs as a service on your in-vehicle computer.  This program captures the GPS data and forwards it to the Track Star AVLS Software system in the same fashion as any of the other GPS devices supported in that software.

For those customers that already have GPS capabilities through embedded GPS receivers, etc., Track Star offers the Track Star GPS Forwarder as a stand alone product.

The service application allows the user to specify how often the positional data is to be sent to the AVLS software application and make other configuration settings.  Because the software runs as a service, it runs automatically in the background each time the computer is started.

Also available with the Smart Antenna product is a copy of the Franson GPS-Gate software which permits sharing of the GPS data developed by the USB GPS antenna.  This software allows other applications on the computer to receive GPS positional data while still having the Smart Antenna software transmit the coordinates, making it ideal for in-vehicle navigation, work order and dispatch applications, as well as other uses.

Smart Antenna

The Track Star Smart Antenna product is a low cost add-on to existing wireless in-vehicle computers that provides a complete Automatic Vehicle Location capability.

Smart Antenna

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